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Fun, friendly classes featuring some of San Francisco’s most experienced swing dance instructors.  Enrollment includes admission to the live music dance parties!  No need to bring a partner (we rotate partners in class).  Leader and Follower dance roles are non-gender specific.  Newcomers, singles, all genders, and all ages are welcome!
Real live music.  Real people.  Real fun!


The Woodchopper’s Ball, San Francisco’s swing hot spot, is a weekly Tuesday night swing dance event held at the historic Verdi Club in San Francisco’s Mission district.  Named after the classic 1939 swing tune by the Woody Herman Orchestra, the Woodchopper’s Ball features:

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

As of July 2024, and continuing until further notice, the COVID-19 policy at the Woodchopper’s Ball is as follows:

    • Masking is welcome, but optional, at all times.
    • Free masks are still available upon request.
    • Eating is allowed.

Upcoming Bands:

July 16, 2024
Eric Shifrin & The In Crowd

July 23, 2024
Le Jazz Hot

July 30, 2024
The Cottontails & After-Hours Jam Session

August 6, 2024
San Lyon